The second in an occasional, irreverent series looking at the lesser-reported charms of school ownership.

After struggling out of bed just before noon, you probably have a coffee. This is a good idea.

Don’t even think about all those systems and history that have gone into making it so easy for ‘you to make your coffee.’ Just enjoy the view while it wakes you up.

I started my own school because I didn’t want to work and more specifically, I didn’t want to work for someone else.

For a lot of the self-employed, entrepreneurs and school owners, for a time at least, that can often mean working 100 hours a week for yourself to avoid working 40 hours a week  for somebody else.

And that would mean having to get out of bed early.

We’ve already looked at ways to eliminate work.

To avoid any further work, just follow these simple steps:

Neither send, read, nor reply to it. Like the tribbles in Star Trek, email is born pregnant and breeds voraciously.

Don’t have them. Everyone hates them. They are a waste of time. Have quick chats instead. Everyone likes those.

Don’t Plan a Schedule:
Any task will grow to fill the time slot allowed to it. Don’t let them do that by not giving them any time. (See below.)

Appear to be Lazy and Incompetent:
Busy and apparently successful people not only bore everyone saying how busy they are, but because of their busyness and apparent success, less busy and less successful people want to work with them. Nobody gives work to the apparently lazy and incompetent. This is the true mark of success.

Planning for the Future:
Don’t. Stop planning for the future. Even lazy and incompetent fools know tomorrow never comes. Enjoy now. See paragraph three above.

Don’t Indulge in Mental Wrangling:
It’s pointless. If you have to decide between doing this and doing that, just remember: If you do it, you’ll regret it; if you don’t do it, you’ll regret that too. Have a quick chat and make a quick choice. The outcome is pre-determined anyway.

Leave Everything to the Last Minute:
By successfully leaving everything to the last minute, everything will only take a minute to do.




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