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In my previous, parallel career as a part-time, freelance writer and editor, I didn’t find the ideas for stories difficult, nor the detail.

The most difficult parts are always the beginning and the end. So, when one decides to foist one’s thoughts upon the world – assuming it’s listening – where does one begin?

These writings aim to collate my various experiences, rantings, general thoughts and will borrow heavily from people much cleverer than me. Some of this may be useful to people in business, particularly in Japan; some in learning and publishing. Some of it will be interesting to people with a general interest in Japan. Some of it might be fun. Hopefully there will be the odd chuckle.

I hope to publish regularly. I will be brief and to the point. As an editor, I used to pride myself on my ability to make a poor 1,000-word article into a passable 300-word one.

I’ll be touching on technology and different work styles. A friend in the UK has built an IT company of 70 people in a few years, using what they describe as the JFDI approach. Those initials are hopefully self-evident.

In that spirit, I’m just doing this one.

Latest Posts

Evolution of Our Schools: Past, Present and Future

Evolution of Our Schools: Past, Present and Future

I’ve been interested in evolution and our simian ancestors since reading Darwin and Morris in my teens. I also like The Who. Computer programs, when I was young, were noted as generational languages. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. Our work has evolved and we are approaching the...

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Learning is Good; Education be Bad

Learning is Good; Education be Bad

Our company offers a variety of products and services, and I felt we needed a parent brand which would care for them and we and clients could relate to. We chose ME Learning as we foster learning, and are not involved in education. I’ve written widely on this. I’ve...

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I grew up in Whitley Bay, Northumberland, in the north east of England. I left in 1992. I travelled in Asia and Australasia, arriving back in England in 1995. I came to Japan later that year.

I’d intended to use ELT as a portable skill to allow me to travel more in Asia. Somehow, I’ve ended up staying here in Japan.

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