The first in an occasional, irreverent series looking at the lesser-reported charms of school ownership.

There are lots of how-to guides, online gurus, coaches and people who claim to have a method for something.

There are lots of people doing their own thing.

Many of them fall into the same trap at some point and they tell you: What we do is unique.


Each one of us is, of course, a unique arrangement of DNA travelling at speed through time and space.

Most likely, though, everything we do, and every thought or idea we have ever had has already been done better by someone somewhere else.

It’s more important to do what you want to do.

I don’t want to work.

Work for me, and for the purpose of this blog, means doing something you don’t particularly like doing, or want to do, for certain amount of time in return for a certain amount money.

What a terrible waste of a life.

So, here is part one of The Irreverent Guide to Happy Idleness.

The Moran Method, Part 1

Set no alarms,
Wake when rested,
Eat when hungry,
Drink when thirsty,
Do no ‘work,’
Play when desired,
Sleep when tired.


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