We’ve spoken previously about being happy, and an important part of that is having a balanced life.

Here at Moran Actually Towers we practice what we preach.

We’re taking the whole of August off from the blog.

We’ve still got plenty of things to do, don’t get me wrong. There are schools and summer camps to visit, we’re off to Vietnam for a few days with our new swimwear and we will be working on some other projects, which will see daylight soon.

We’re also going to Beijing for the Book Fair, and looking forward to seeing our friends there.

If anything can make anybody feel small, it’s taking their publications into BIBF. There are eight main halls, each one enormous, seemingly three times the size of St James’s Park, chockablock with publications people are trying to sell.

Walking in there six years ago, feeling very proud of myself, holding copies of the newly-published Happy Valley, turned out to be a very sobering experience.

We have learned and grown since then.

For now, I’ll leave you with this video from the presentation I gave earlier this year.

I’ll be expanding on the points raised in it from September.

Stay cool and have a great summer.

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