I had a great trip to Shanghai. My third or fourth time there.

I was originally supposed to go there from Hong Kong in 1994, then take the ferry to Osaka. I was waylaid by matters of the heart and a reservation with a 3 p.m. sunset in Whitley Bay.

It was great to see inside the Peace Hotel again, after around 18 years. A truly magnificent building and part of almost two centuries of internationalisation, albeit resulting from a drug war.

Somebody mentioned Shanghai is city of the future. The T-shirt on the young lad on the escalator, between the airport and the maglev, seemed to agree.

Being able to reconnect with my Geordie daftness, speak my own dialect and see a rare win away truly was a joy. And I got to lounge about a bit, in spotty socks.

I wonder what the watching locals made of it all?

I’m way back ower hyem noo; back at work next week. Gan canny.


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