Please note, for those running schools, we will assume you have a great curriculum and qualified, experienced, happy, well-recruited and trained teachers enrolled in a professional development course.

You have to realise you are not important. Your business is, but you are only a single person with a limited skill set.

This first step is often an emotional, or perhaps philosophical one, but one that can rid you of a lot of stress and worry, not to mention self-delusion.

This flow chart should help.

1. Does it REALLY need doing?
     No. (This is the preferred answer.)
     Probably not/Maybe/One day. (This is a likely answer.)
          File away in your DO ONE DAY folder to forget about, guilt free.
          Goto 2.

2. Do I want to do it?
     No. (This is the only correct answer.)
          Goto 3.

3. Can only I do it?
     Of course not. (This is the only correct answer.)
          Goto 4.

4. Can somebody else do it?
     Of course they can, and likely better. (This is the only correct answer.)
          Goto 5.

5. Should I delegate?
     Of course you should. (This is the only correct answer.)

Well done. You made it to the bottom and are now ready to delegate. All you need to do is analyse the task at 1, decide which part of your organisation and systems it fits into, select who is best to do it, give them the authority to do it (remembering that responsibility cannot be delegated), make sure they want to do it, ask them to agree to do it, show them what needs to be done, both sign off on this, and then leave them to it. Check back as necessary.

Of course, to do all of this, at the very least you need a mission, vision and values statement, organisation chart, job descriptions, operations and training manuals, CRM systems, strategic plan, a budget, regular scheduled tasks, Management Objectives (MOs), KPIs, reporting system (CMR or other), internal marketing and likely others.

You may think this is over the top for a small business or teacher-owner-operator school. It’s not.

You may not want to sell your business tomorrow, but it should operate so smoothly, so well, and without you being necessary, that you could. And you should know your asking price.

This has been a nine-month preamble. Next, we get started in earnest.


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