We’ve talked previously about self-organised learning environments (SOLEs). In future posts we’ll also discuss self-organised working environments (SOWEs). Being in a band, without me knowing it, involved me in both.

As previously discussed in the blog, a school business, like any other, needs leadership, structure, organisation, identifiable roles and responsibilities, and systems, not to mention a killer product, a way to deliver, marketing, lead generation, sales and CRM. All of this will hopefully generate a loyal following.

This loyal following is often referred to as having raving fans.

I’m not sure any of the bands I’ve been in ever had a killer product, nor any raving fans, but we certainly generated a following, of a kind, and produced original material.

The first band I was in was in middle school, when I was 11 or 12 years old.

A boy in my year decided he wanted to form a band and enlisted another three of us to join. Why he chose us, I don’t know, but it seemed like a good idea, so, under his leadership, we formed, had a drummer, two guitarists and him. It was never really clear what he was going to do, but that didn’t really matter.

He somehow managed to arrange a place to rehearse and a drum kit. I think we made it through two rehearsals before it petered out, without ever really achieving much. This was largely because we didn’t have a clue what we were doing, or what we wanted to do.

None of that mattered, either, because a seed had been sown and later, in other bands with other people, we had clear ideas of what we wanted to achieve, found out what we needed to know, how to implement it and move forward, all under our own steam.

We’ll look at the what and the how, and the results, in the next few articles.


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